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Through the Storm

September 07, 20182 minutes

Two years of hard work finally delivered my first dev job.

Two Years of Web Development

July 11, 20184 minutes

A look back on two years of learning web development.

Into the Great Unknown

May 24, 20181 minutes

Turning a new leaf and starting fresh in Portland, Oregon.

Taking What Comes My Way

March 21, 20184 minutes

A look in on my journey to becoming an employed web developer.

Turn the page

February 20, 20183 minutes

The admission and realization that I desperately need help.

Happy New Years!

February 05, 20184 minutes

Where I've been and where I'm going in 2018.

One Year of Web Development

July 11, 20177 minutes

Looking back on one year of learning web-development.