Two Years of Web Development

July 11, 20184 minutes

Today marks 2 years since I decided to make the move into web development after leaving my job in robotics. I can’t say I expected to be where I am today which is still gunning for my first full time job in the industry. I decided to make the big move, literally, to Portland, Oregon so I would be in a tech hub instead of continuing to try and find work from Kansas. It’s been a rough go around thus far in Portland, but I have seen more interest in me as a developer which helps the old ego. Honestly I should have made the move out of Kansas a year ago maybe even to begin with but hindsight is always 20-20.

The last year was full of more mishaps and hardships than anything. Losing my dad. Having a very dear friendship expire. Losing my home to a fire. 2017 really sucked to be honest. There were some good things though.

I wrote my first open source package in microauth-vkontakte:

I finally got around to building and shipping my friend’s photography website:

I attended my first dev conference in Elixir Daze:

I started a meager little YouTube channel:

I landed my first dev role as a freelancer with BøthOfUs:

And just a few weeks ago I participated in my first hackathon working on a rebuild of the High Fives Foundation website using React, GraphQL, and Styled-Components.

I am in the middle of completing a bootcamp program through PDX Code Guild and have been enjoying learning Python (which is so much better than JavaScript, but really what language isn’t better?). I’ll begin work shortly on my capstone project which will be built using Django and the Fitbit API. I’m hoping having a bootcamp behind me will help out in the job search. I did get the pleasure of sitting down with two recruiters last week for coffee and have good feelings about what they can do to help me out.

I will say I am entering the final push at this. I’m giving myself until January 01, 2019 to have full time employment as a developer. Should I not be employed or have found gainful employment through contract positions by then I will be hanging up this dream. 2.5 years and no financial results coupled with growing debt just isn’t maintainable. Do I want to move back to Kansas and work whatever job I can find to get by, no, hell no; but there has to be an expiration date on this should it not workout. I can't continue to hope for the best, but until then I will hope for the best and continue to put in the work.

Happy Coding!

~ Cody 🚀