Hackathon: High Fives Foundation

June 30, 20181 minutes

Today I took part in my first ever hackathon in support of the High Fives Foundation. The goal being to take the non-profit organization's website into 2018 with React and GraphQL. There are even dreams of a React-Native mobile application on the horizon. I have to admit that it was a daunting task walking into a new project with so many hands involved (omg the git conflicts 😱). I had to battle some SSH issues early on so I would have access to pulling from the upstream repository but once that was taken care of it was all downhill from there.

I was able to submit 3 PR's on the day and I'm happy with what I was able to do for the organization. Since my bootcamp is taking the week off I plan on setting asdie time over the next week to kill issues on the website adding features and functionality.

This was a humbling experience and also a learning experience in the fact that I do know what I'm doing and the tech we are working with. It was a way to galvanize my confidence in what I'm doing and contribute to a cause greater than myself. I'm happy to be apart of helping out such a great organization.

You can checkout and help out on the project by going to the orginizations Github.

Happy Coding!

~ Cody 🚀